8 of Our Favourite ‘Do At Home’ Exercises

Earlier in the year we worked with Bonds to share some of our fave two step exercises for the new Bonds The Brief online magazine. No need for gym equipment, these eight exercises you can do at home anytime.

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10 things to look for in Activewear!

We have all been there – saggy crotches, tights too long, tights too short, camel toes, no support in crops, shows sweat in all the wrong parts, see through leggings (yes, we can see your polka dot knickers!!), muffin tops, shoes with no support…the list goes on! Continue reading


Inspiring Wit Yoga

Jenelle tells of her experiences with Classpass.

For the past few weeks I have been working with Classpass, heading along to a class almost everyday. I wanted to introduce a little about what Classpass is and how I have used it to work out which are the best ways I find to exercise for my body and check out a heap of the studios in Perth.

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Join the club: come Box and Bike with ClassPass and Fit Club Perth

Every single minute you’re getting better with your punches, the seconds seem longer while your spinning on the bike, your body is aching, you wish you cut your finger nails so it didn’t feel like they were breaking every time you punched.

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